A single-player Apex Legends FPS game is in the works

It might not be Titanfall 3, but Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a new single-player Apex Legends FPS game described as an Apex universe incubation project

Respawn hiring for single-player Apex Legends FPS game - Crystalline Perfection Loba

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a new single-player Apex Legends FPS game, which it calls an ‘Apex universe FPS incubation title.’ The new project, which is currently unnamed, is described as “a developer’s dream playground with the freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits.” Sadly, it probably isn’t Titanfall 3, despite that series being the origin point for EA’s battle royale game.

Several job listings for the project, including a senior systems engineer and a hard surface artist, were spotted by Dexerto on the Respawn careers page. The descriptions are fairly vague, as might be expected, but they do say that the project will be single-player and that it will be set in the Apex Legends universe.

Respawn did announce previously that they were working on a new IP which was described in January by Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb as a “triple-A first-person shooter,” although it’s not clear whether this is that project or whether it’s a separate thing altogether.

Given that it’s set in the Apex Legends universe, it’s reasonable to assume that there will be a focus on mobility and open-ended level design – the hard surface artist role emphasises that Respawn wants someone with experience “building assets not just aesthetically but in consideration of design, function, gameplay, and optimisation” – which certainly sounds like the kind of thing we’d expect from a game in the vein of Apex.

As this is a single-player title, it’ll be interesting to see whether aspects from the Titanfall games such as wallrunning which were removed from Apex Legends in an attempt to not overcomplicate the multiplayer game’s combat rhythm will be present in this new game. Either way, it’ll likely still be a while longer before we get any concrete details on the exact nature of this project.

Back in Apex itself, one streamer famous for his weird controllers has been playing Apex Legends with voice controls. A Respawn dev also recently spoke about the team’s design philosophy and why they feel new guns and legends “have to be sexy and strong” in order to encourage new players to use them.