Apex Legends’ Bocek and Spitfire have been nerfed

The 'ghost rock' glitch is yet to be fixed, though

Apex Legends' Wraith in her Season 9 skin

Huh, that was fast. While Season 9 – Legacy, if you’re fancy – has only been live for just over a week, Respawn Entertainment has already taken action in nerfing some of Apex Legends’ best weapons.

The developer took to Twitter last night to reveal a list of changes that came in two separate updates, confirming that the new Bocek bow and Spitfire LMG were getting slapped with the nerf hammer. The Spitfire has had its damage reduced, and its purple and gold magazine size has been shrunk. The Bocek, meanwhile, now does less damage to the body and takes longer to charge up. The Deadeye Tempo hop-up is also slower to charge, and every stack of arrows is now smaller.

However, what isn’t getting fixed just yet is Apex’s new ‘ghost rock’ glitch. Players discovered that they could hide inside a rock on the Phase Runner Arenas map and avoid taking damage. Respawn says the fix has been delayed for “quality-control reasons”, though using the exploit is still a bannable offence. You may find yourself between a rock and a hard place if you consider using the exploit.

Here are the patch notes in full:

Apex Legends’ new season has been a hit for Respawn, though it hasn’t come without its challenges. The servers were initially knocked offline by the number of people who wanted to play, and some oddities started popping up, too – our personal favourite made Legends look like Roblox characters. Regardless, Apex Legends smashed its concurrent player record on Steam with 330,879 people playing at one point around six days ago.

There are still some other issues being looked at, such as players launching into solo and duo matches alone and Wattson catching an accidental nerf.

If you’re looking to get into Respawn’s battle royale game for yourself, our Apex Legends Arenas guide will catch you up on what you need to know for the new mode – don’t use the rock exploit to start.