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You can’t run people over with the new Apex Legends vehicle

The Trident is a pretty safe vehicle, as long as you watch out for holes in the map

There’s a new map coming to Apex Legends with the Season 7 update; a futuristic, artificial floating city called Olympus, featuring wide open fields that you’ll be able to drive across with Apex Legends’ first-ever vehicle, the Trident.

Vehicles have a storied reputation in other battle royale games; putting your life in the hands of whoever’s in the driver’s seat is typically a dangerous prospect. But with the Trident, Respawn is aiming to achieve the seemingly impossible: a vehicle you can’t use to ruin your teammates’ games.

In a Season 7 preview session, senior level designer Dave Osei explained how the shiny new car works. It’s a squad based three person vehicle, and you’ll need to be on the same team as your passengers in order to pilot it, so no taking enemies on scenic tours far away from their team. Sadly, you can’t run anyone over with it, either – and you can’t blow it up, which means you can’t go around denying everyone extra mobility by exploding all the other vehicles on the map.

You can permanently remove the Trident from the map, however, by driving it off the edge. If you were hoping to murder your teammates by doing so – you monster – you’ll all be automatically ejected in time to save yourselves. While you’re soaring over Olympus’ pristine artificial terrain in the Trident, any damage the vehicle takes is dealt out equally across the team. You can still be damaged individually as well, with some precise shooting.

The trolling possibilities may be diminished, but creative minds find a way. You can attach tactical abilities to the Trident, like Rampart’s turret, or Gibraltar’s dome… or Caustic’s gas traps, so you can float around like the giant toxic cloud you’ve always wanted to be.

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