Apex Legends update fixes Loba’s bracelet

Loba's unreliable tactical ability has been fixed in the latest Apex Legends patch, allowing her to once again teleport away from danger on Storm Point

Fans’ cries have been heard: the latest Apex Legends update fixes Loba’s bracelet, which has been unreliable since the beginning of Season 13 in the popular battle royale game. Throughout this season, her Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability has failed when she’s near a body of water, leading to frustrating situations (and losses) for players who main the sneaky thief.

Burglar’s Best Friend allows Loba to toss her Jump Drive bracelet to a hard-to-reach place and teleporting to it. The trouble was that this often wouldn’t work, particularly if Loba was anywhere near water – and there’s lots of that on Storm Point in particular.

The brief patch notes for the latest update, which Respawn posted to Twitter, say that this update resolves the issue with “Loba’s tactical failing without reason,” which should prompt a long-awaited sigh of relief from players.

An exasperated Loba fan had brought a sign to the Apex Legends Global Series Championship July 11 to express their frustration.

Come on respawn, do it, no need to wait for the release of her heirloom from apexlegends

The update also improves VOIP quality issues with Xbox headsets, fixes issues with Wraith not taking damage at specific points when using her abilities, restores the loss of functionality bug that would pop up when players used a replicator, and makes “a variety of other fixes.”