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Apex Legends ‘distress transmission’ teases next character

An Apex Legends ‘distress transmission’ video hints at the battle royale game’s next character Vantage, who is expected to be the legend in the Hunted season 14

Apex Legends Vantage - a woman in a white headset in front of a monitor displaying audio files being transmitted

Following its recent Apex Legends season 14 slip-up, the team at Respawn Entertainment has now posted a short teaser video hinting at the next character coming to the battle royale game in August. The video involves a conversation between two characters talking about a distress signal, which seems to point to the location of a wanted prisoner.

The teaser, posted to the Apex Legends Twitter account as well as in its official Discord channel, has the headline ‘Distress transmission incoming…’ and shows a computer screen flashing with sound waves as two characters talk over a relay.

The first voice – who identifies themselves with the codename ‘IJV5301’ – opens a link to a space authority, telling them that they have obtained a distress transmission, which they are happy to send over for the right price. The voice on the other end interrupts, demanding that they “relay the signal or face penalties.”

The transmission in question is played over the airwaves: “GDS Vantage distress beacon triggered at embedded coordinates. Sole survivor: prisoner T-0323…” at this point, the authority speaker cuts off the recording, saying “We’ll take it from here” and disconnecting from the call. The initial speaker, with a disappointed sigh, ponders, “Prisoner T-0323, huh? Hate to be them…”

While the tease is fairly vague, the word most fans will latch on to is ‘Vantage’ – which is the name of the character expected to be the multiplayer game’s new season 14 legend. We already got a tease of Vantage’s look with the preview that appeared briefly in the game’s client, but this now furthers the theories.

Some fans in the comments have noted that the second voice in the teaser sounds like Mirage actor Roger Craig Smith. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the character in the video is Mirage – the manner of speaking is fairly different, and Respawn has been known to employ members of its main voice cast for minor supporting roles in the past.

It’s unclear yet whether the first voice we hear is that of Vantage, although if the distress beacon is coming from the new legend then the “hate to be them” would imply that we’re hearing someone different. However, Vantage is expected to have tracking abilities that would fit a bounty hunter style of character, which would also slot in with the ‘Hunted’ name that appears to be the title of the next Apex Legends season.

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