ArcheAge PvP changes include level playing field 3vs3s and massive 100-a-side sieges

ArcheAge PvP

Free to play MMO ArcheAge is getting a big PvP update. It’s improving all the different ways players can kill players, be it in specifically designed areas, the open world or newly-introduced, more competitive small-team versus modes. It’s all part of patch 2.5, titled Bloodsong, which releases next week.

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Here’s the highlights, first for the new competitive modes:

  • Skirmishes and Sparring Arenas are new modes that use pre-picked gear and buffs to make sure everyone’s on the same page and skill wins out.
  • There are eight ‘classes’ to choose from when the mode loads up, fitting into various rules and utilising various equipment sets.
  • Matches are best of three and should take around half an hour – it’s a proper competitive mode, basically.

And for sieges:

  • Sieges are now 100vs100 and allow players to take control of land should they be victorious.
  • Defenders have a harder time, being 60vs100 for the first 40 minutes until their reinforcements arrive.
  • Their castles also won’t auto-regenerate any more and will require investment of time and resources to repair.

And finally for the open world PvP combat:

  • Open World areas will be easier to push into a war state, and certain ones will never cycle through the Peace function.
  • Some of this will be timed, while the rest will be based on kills occuring in the region.

You can read the full thing yourself on the official blog. Bloodsong will release on January 26th, and up until then there’s a global double xp and loot drop buff in place. The full patch notes will pop up on the 25th, and there will be a public test server running so you can check stuff out and find any pesky bugs. The 2.5 patch isn’t just PvP changes, and you can read more about what else is happening here.