ArcheAge’s 2.0 update awakens the hero inside you with new guild abilities and events

ArcheAge 2.0

Trion Worlds’ massive sandbox MMO ArcheAge has been upgraded with its largest ever update. Heroes Awaken brings the game to version 2.0, and adds a new Hero System that allows players to become legendary characters, able to lead guilds to war and summon allies to their side. 

Up to nine players in a faction can become a Hero, and are elected into the position by other players. If a player becomes a hero, they wear a special cloak, have unique visual effects, are able to bolster the strength of their realm in combat, and summon allies to battle. They also get their own council building in major cities.

The update adds an enhanced Guild system, adding various tiers of progression to guilds that when attained unlock bonus powers and abilities. Guilds can now engage in a series of events known as ‘expeditions’, or if they’d rather just cause bloodshed they can declare war on rival guilds and battle them anywhere in the world.

Medium and large player houses can be upgraded to specialise in proficiency crafts, granting them workbenches, livestock, and planting areas, allowing work to be carried out from home. Please remember to register as self-employed before setting up a business from home, though.

New events have been added to the Diamond Shores area, with players needing to set up a fortress and repel a dwarf invasion. There’s also a Hero’s Welcome event, where existing and returning players can grab rewards such as titles, rare chests, and the Royal Griffon flying mount.

The 2.0 update is live now, so just log into ArcheAge to experience all the new shiny things. And if you’d like to see what’s been going on during ArcheAge’s first year, check out this infographic.