ARK: Survival Evolved ushers in Christmas construction, a $10k charity battle, Santa Claws

ARK: Survival Evolved

It’s hard to know just what constitutes naughty or nice in a survival scenario, where good and bad are blurred in the fight for continued existence. But Raptor Claus knows the difference. Improperly shaped for the traditional Santa costume but compensating well with the hat, sleigh and as-yet-uneaten reindeer, the Raptor is now visible in the skies of ARK’s 48-square-kilometre map, air-dropping coal for naughty survivors, and high-end loot blueprints for nice ones.

Clever girl.

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Follow the sleigh around and you can stock up on reindeer costumes, candy cane clubs, santa hats and occasional ARK gift codes. Even the coal can be exchanged for a temporarily tamed DodoRex.

Studio Wildcard have coated their map in snow, and bolstered building options with festive lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, wall-stockings and whatnot. And once the big day is done, they’ll host one final 100 vs 100 Survival of the Fittest battle before year’s end.

The ARK event will see streamers and tournament-level players join opposing Naughty and Nice tribes, and the winners will donate $10,000 to the charities of their choice. Click your way over toTwitch at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT on December 29th to see the three-hour scrap unfold. Think you might?