ARK: Survival Evolved goes full Game of Thrones in patch 216 with its snow biomes, woolly mammoths and a rideable Direwolf | PCGamesN

ARK: Survival Evolved goes full Game of Thrones in patch 216 with its snow biomes, woolly mammoths and a rideable Direwolf


Dinosaurs! Environments! Survival! Stabbing endangered things! ARK: Survival Evolved has it all. 

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The latest trailer for the massive prehistoric playground shows us some lovely vistas that could be ripped straight out of Skyrim or the north of the wall in Game of Thrones: snowy mountains, glacial waters, woolly mammoths, deer with giant antlers - it's all there.

You can even tame a huge Direwolf and ride it into battle while screaming quotes from Game of Thrones down your headset. Probably stay away from Tyrion's insults though, eh?

Patch 216 also bringg swamplands. The way the sunlight glints off the algae-filled water and highlights the reflections of the towering trees is gorgeous.

You also get a flash of some giant frogs, some alligators and a massive structure that looks like a towering, metallic beacon they've borrowed from Halo. It sure is pretty. Have a watch:

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AnAuldWolf avatarKirk McKeand avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm definitely intrigued by what Ark is doing. At the end of the day, though, I still think survival games scare me too much. And as an avid dinosaur nerd (dinonerd; dinerd?) of a non-trivial number of years, I lean towards liking accurate dinosaurs over the Hollywood ones.

It's why I'm excited about Saurian, which a lovely person on tumblr pointed me at, recently. Have you seen it? It's looking jolly well impressive. And the science! The actual honest-to-goodness science involved is genuinely impressive and warms the cockles of my heart. Even though, to this day, I'm not sure what cockles are. I need to look that up. (Ooh, they're ventricles, okay.)

I think that's going to be my ARK, when it happens. All I want is to stomp around as a T Rex and roar a lot. Which is, I admit, one of the reasons I played LEGO Jurassic World so much, even despite the Hollywood dinosaurs.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
Kirk McKeand(5 hours played)
2 Years ago

I have not seen that. I will have a proper look when I get a chance, though - thanks for sharing. I used to like the idea of stomping around as a massive beast, but then I had to review Godzilla on PS4.