ARK: Survival Evolved goes full Game of Thrones in patch 216 with its snow biomes, woolly mammoths and a rideable Direwolf


Dinosaurs! Environments! Survival! Stabbing endangered things! ARK: Survival Evolved has it all. 

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The latest trailer for the massive prehistoric playground shows us some lovely vistas that could be ripped straight out of Skyrim or the north of the wall in Game of Thrones: snowy mountains, glacial waters, woolly mammoths, deer with giant antlers – it’s all there.

You can even tame a huge Direwolf and ride it into battle while screaming quotes from Game of Thrones down your headset. Probably stay away from Tyrion’s insults though, eh?

Patch 216 also bringg swamplands. The way the sunlight glints off the algae-filled water and highlights the reflections of the towering trees is gorgeous.

You also get a flash of some giant frogs, some alligators and a massive structure that looks like a towering, metallic beacon they’ve borrowed from Halo. It sure is pretty. Have a watch: