ARK: Survival Evolved introduces Turkey Trial game mode for Thanksgiving, involves giant dodos


As far as thanksgiving gimmicks go, you can do a lot worse than giant dodos that breathe fire. That’s ARK’s solution for the season, introducing a new mode to the game that will only be available until December 1st where players must catch and harvest turkeys to power up their dodo. Really.

Did you know ARK has more players than Battlefront on PC?

Hunting “rare Super-Turkeys” is your path to this mighty beast, or the various headresses you see scattered through the video. Once you have the “god-like DodoRex” you can lay waste to your enemies with its fire breath and stompy feet or, more likely, duel with an enemy who has acquired the same power. Decide, once and for all, who is the king of all the non-existent dinosaur versions of extinct birds.

As we pointed out yesterday, if this sort of dinosaur-based survival is for you – and it’s proved mighty popular with a huge group of people, that’s for sure – you can grab it on Steam currently at 40% off. That’s the cheapest it’s ever been and, given how well it does at full price, likely to be the cheapest it is for a long while. Expect a similar discount in the Christmas discount bonanza too though.