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ARK: Survival Evolved multiplayer arena mod is now a free, standalone game

ARK: Survival of the Fittest

The hype around ARK has never really settled since the dinosaur-based survival game released last year, and its continued popularity has led to a free PvP spinoff. ARK: Survival of the Fittest is Studio Wildcard’s eSports contender, and pits 72 players against each other in a massive arena. 

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Survival of the Fittest started life as a mod, but it now has its own Steam page and is a standalone free download, available to anyone regardless of ARK ownership.

The game is labelled a ‘MOSA’ – Multiplayer Online Survival Arena – and the 72 involved players can band up into tribes of up to six members to battle for supremacy. Ranked and Unofficial games are be available, with a variety of game length and sizes to choose from. Expect anything from 30 minutes up to three hour ‘epic wars’.

Naturally, this being ARK, big scaly creatures will be available to tame and ride, with more than 30 being available from the start of Survival of the Fittest’s Early Access period. These include super creatures such as dragons, giant apes, and the brood mother.