Ark: Survival Evolved’s price has just doubled, and Dean Hall says it’s “****ing OUTRAGEOUS”


Update 09 July, 2017: It looks like some people aren’t very happy about the price increase for Ark: Survival Evolved. One of those people is Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, who called it “****ing OUTRAGEOUS.”

Hall said this over on Twitter, complete with the asterisks and capitalised outrageous.

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It’s a pretty strong statement, and Hall later clarified that he will “rarely openly take an opinion on other dev’s work these days, but this is outrageous.”

As you might expect, Steam reviews are telling a similar story, with users calling it “greedy,” and another saying it’s a “good game gone downhill.” Harsh words.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

Original story 6 July, 2017:Ark: Survival Evolved is about to depart Steam Early Access soon, and as a mark of its newly-minted status as “full game,” its price has doubled ahead of its full debut.

The original plan set out by the developers was to raise the price of the game on PC to $60 when it leaves its Early Access status on August 8 – that’s a full $30 more than its debut price. However, that time scale has now seemingly been thrown out. As you can see on its Steam page right now, Ark: Survival Evoled now costs that full $60, which is the same price that console players are having to pay.

According to a tweetfrom Studio Wildcard, the change was made to “ensure retail parity” for the impending full launch. If you were thinking of picking the game up on Steam ahead of its full launch to save yourself that $30 then, sorry, it’s too late. Perhaps you can hold out for a launch discount? You’ll have to wait and see if that happens but waiting around hasn’t exactly saved you any money so far…