ARK: Survival Evolved’s latest ‘dinosaur’ is a giant, ridable beaver

ARK's giant beaver

Well, hooray for videogames. In its ever-lasting attempt to be the strangest game available, ARK: Survival Evolved has added giant beavers as its latest tamable creature. They’re able to do everything you’d expect, letting you swim underwater, gather wood more efficiently or build giant dams. They arrive as part of a patch that also adds handcuffs as an item, letting you more effectively disable captured players, as well as a few other fixes and additions.

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The cute/ferocious beavers get their own trailer that also debuts the handcuffs and how they look from the third-person perspective. Doesn’t look particularly fun for the players you’ve captured, but bullying does seem to be the main form of interaction in these games, so fair enough.

A great and noble steed, able to defend its territory. It also works as a mobile crafting station, according to Studio Wildcard, allowing you to put all that wood to good use.

Patch 236 is live now, and here’s the official notes:

  • New Dino: Giant Beaver, Castoroides
  • New Equipment: Handcuffs
  • Server Performance Phase 2
  • Improved Client streaming performance, less hitches
  • Updated various translations!

The handcuffs stop prisoners fighting back as effectively, but seem to be mostly for, as Wildcard put it, ‘roleplay.’ We’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Final, non-Early Access release is planned for PC and consoles come the Summer months, about a year after it first debuted. It’s currently part of the Humble monthly subscription service, meaning you can get it for $12 and then cancel if it’s all you want, or stay subbed for a new game regularly.