Mecha dinosaurs and super suits coming to ARK: Survival Evolved with the TEK Tier

ARK: Survival Evolved

Arguably the currently most popular of the never-finished survival games in Steam’s Early Access program, ARK: Survival Evolved made its name with two things: dinosaurs and mostly unexplained space lasers. Its had the former for a while, but the futuristic hasn’t been in players hands yet. Now Studio Wildcard have revealed what form it will take, promising the TEK Tier of armour, dinosaurs and weapons is all coming in the next few weeks and months. You can see some of what that involves above.

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As part of a cover feature with PCGamer magazine, Studio Wildcard revealed that “TEK Tier will put players in power armor granting them advanced abilities, and add powerful TEK saddles with mounted energy weapons to the capabilities of some favorite dinos. Want to snipe at enemy tribes with a plasma rifle while tearing across the map with a jet pack? How about living under the ocean in a vacuum sealed Underwater Base, fully protected from the hazards of land and sky?”

Presumably, that last part will come with its own laser-shark problems. PCG say that every single piece of TEK armour will have additional properties to make it more than just a stat upgrade – granting special abilities along with cosmetic options. Of course, getting it isn’t simple, and endgame challenges will be required to work your way up to it.

Plenty more to be revealed soon, as ARK steps into its final pre-launch stage. Full release is, it seems, planned for 2017.

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