Ark Andrewsarchus: spawn locations, controls, and how to tame

The Ark Andrewsarchus is a new dino introduced with the Fjordur map, so we’ve got the spawn locations, controls, and advice on how to tame it

Ark Andrewsarchus promo image firing at a t-rex

The Ark Andrewsarchus may sound like a friendly chap by name alone, but learning the locations it can spawn, how to tame one, and the various controls will soon teach you these warthog-like creatures are mean beasts – and they can get a lot meaner. For example, you can mount  a turret on its back once you’ve tamed it, so befriending an Andrewsarchus or two should come as a high priority because it’s a force to be reckoned with.

While the Ark Andrewsarchus isn’t capable of taking on the toughest Ark dinos, and it may struggle against the airborne Ark Desmodus, it’s a nimble, ferocious fighter. We’ve got all the details on its spawn locations, plus everything you need to tame one, and how to control it once you’ve got one under your spell.

Best Ark Andrewsarchus spawn locations

Thankfully, there are a few different spots you can explore in the hopes of finding one. Here are some of the coordinates to check (credit to Lucky Shot on YouTube):

  • 22.7, 66.3
  • 16.2, 68.5
  • 38.7, 81.2
  • 46.7, 90.2
  • 60.6, 25.6
  • 55.8, 29.5
  • 37.0, 19.9 (Asgard)
  • 49.3, 22.7 (Asgard)
  • 24.3, 36.7 (Asgard)

Ark Andrewsarchus with a turret on the back in a grassy environment

How to tame an Ark Andrewsarchus

There’s only one key resource you need to tame an Andrewsarchus in Ark: honey. We recommend gathering a considerable amount of it because the first few times you attempt this, there’s a good chance you’ll fail or your honey will be stolen by another creature. We’d also strongly suggest you come equipped with a ghillie suit because while it’s not strictly necessary, it reduces your visibility by 50%.

To begin the taming process, sneak up behind an Andrewsarchus and throw some honey in front of it. When it begins eating, get closer and mount it – press and hold the directions displayed by the white arrows on-screen to fill up the taming gauge, then release when it goes green. If you see a red bar fill up however, jump off before it completes to ensure you don’t get booted off the back.

There are a couple of things to note here, starting with the fact you’ll want a vast, open area to tame the Andrewsarchus. If it collides with a wall, the taming process will fail. Once you tame one, it will gradually start to become wild again over time. When this happens, you just need to go through the taming process again.

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Ark Andrewsarchus controls

When you’ve got an Andrewsarchus in your ranks, you’ll need to know how to control it. Here are all of the Andrewsarchus PC controls:

  • E – Mount/Dismount
  • Right Click – Hind kick
  • C – Charge
  • CTRL – Turret mode
  • Right Click – Fire turret (when in Turret mode)

Now you know everything about the Ark Andrewsarchus, why not read up on our list of the best Ark mods? Alternatively, if you’ve had enough with playing fair, the Ark admin commands are what you need.