Ark Fjordhawk: spawn locations and how to tame

If you find yourself constantly falling prey to bosses or packs of roaming dinos, the Ark Fjordhawk has just what you need to make dying a little less painful

Ark Fjordhawk: The Fjordhawk itself, wings spread, descending into its nest of eggs with a clear sky behind it.

Curious about what exactly an Ark Fjordhawk can do for you? As the name suggests, the Fjordhawk is a tameable creature native to Fjordur, the region featured in the free expansion of the same name. There are plenty of Ark dinos to tame across Fjordur, including the Andrewsarchus with a mounted turret upon its back, but few will grant you the level of utility that a Fjordhawk can provide.

Once tamed, an Ark Fjordhawk becomes a shoulder pet that will retrieve your inventory for you when you die. Never again will you have to worry about running back to your corpse to collect your dropped items, making the Fjordhawk invaluable for a survival game where hours of gameplay can hinge on stuffing your satchel with as many materials as you can find. It will also mark lost satchels and wounded or dead creatures in the environment, which is helpful for both item collection and taming.

Best Ark Fjordhawk spawn locations

Your best bet for Fjordhawk spawn locations is in the north-west corner of Fjordur, on the small forest trail between two mountains (coordinates 8.6, 25.9). However, if you’ve already made camp on the island to the south, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to make the long trek back to the mainland to tame one. The Fjordhawk also spawns on the eastern side of the island near the coast (coordinates 75.5, 37.2), though this area is notably less populated than the forest trail.

Ark Fjordhawk: The Fjordhawk entry taken from Ark's bestiary, showing a variety of sketches of the Fjordhawk perched on a ledge, flying overhead as three humans fire upon a bipedal dinosaur, and retrieving a satchel for its owner.

Fjordhawks are mobile, airborne creatures, so we’d always recommend taking a look at your Dino Scanner to acquire the coordinates for a specific mob. While they do tend to flock together, Fjordhawks are nevertheless pretty small; if you’re in the right area but you’re having trouble spotting them, bring along a pair of binoculars or a tech helmet that can identify creatures moving about in the environment.

How to tame an Ark Fjordhawk

As indicated by its primary ability, the Fjordhawk is a scavenger by nature, and this extends to taming it. You won’t have anything to gain by attempting to knock out a Fjordhawk; in fact, you’ll fail to tame it if you inflict any damage at all.

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To tame an Ark Fjordhawk, you must kill a wild or tamed creature nearby and allow it to land and eat the remains. How quickly it can be tamed depends entirely upon the drag weight of the creature you’ve killed – the heavier the creature, the faster the Fjordhawk’s taming bar will increase. The Fjordhawk can only eat from a corpse three times before it despawns, so it’s best to choose wisely to cut down on the time it takes to tame it. The bigger the better, but we recommend using an Ovis for a particularly quick tame. Be aware that if you /do/ have to feed a Fjordhawk multiple creatures, don’t wait too long between morsels or it’s liable to lose interest and fly away before it can be tamed.

Once you’ve tamed a Fjordhawk, your inventory insurance policy is good to go! If you’re looking for more creatures to tame in Fjordur, you can’t go wrong with an Ark Desmodus, which will also help your efforts to tame more creatures using its Sanguine Elixir. Fjordur started life as a mod, so if you’re enjoying the new DLC, why don’t you check out some of the best Ark mods that you can use to enrich your survival experience.