Arma 3 ballistics video shows the detail of the bullet physics simulation

Arma 3 bohemia interactive

While bullets are nasty things that only serve to hurt folk, there’s something fascinating about how they travel in the world. The speed that something that small can travel at so quickly from a stationary position in a gun clip is remarkable. Also the distance they can travel and the objects they can penetrate.

Bohemia spent a good deal of time simulating that within their game, Arma 3, and there’s a new mod that lets you see the detail of their work.

My style of playing games has always treated bullets with an out of gun out of mind mentality. With lots of games the developers seem to follow that mentality, too; the bullets travel in straight lines, are stopped by contact with the skinniest of leaves, and there’s no talk of skimming bullets. So seeing the bullets in Arma ricocheting off the ground and fountaining up into the air is mighty impressive, even if they don’t ever affect players.

The bullet tracing script that’s used in the video can be found here.