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ARMA 3 is free on Steam this weekend, and Battle Royale is the mod you should be playing

ARMA III Free Steam

Did you know that ARMA 3 is free this weekend on Steam? With that out of the way, I’m here to tell you why you should not only play it, but install the massively popular mod: Battle Royale. Based on the book/movie ‘Battle Royale’, the mod pits over twenty players on the vast island of Stratis. It’s a last man standing game-mode, where players must find weapons and gear to survive.

Made by PlayerUnknown – who dubs it an “extreme survival mod” – Battle Royale has become the most popular ARMA 3 mod on the planet. It’s garnered so much attention in fact that PlayerUnkown has made a cinematic trailer to go with it:

Players are air-dropped from a plane; first having to overcome free-falling and parachute deployment, which often claims a few lives in every match. The island is Stratis: a 20 km² battlefield with rugged terrain and expansive forests, populated with military airbases. It’s in those bases where players can find weapons and gear to help them survive.

As the game progresses, other threats will emerge to forcibly shrink the play area. Random bombing runs will litter the map in an effort to prevent players from camping. Also crates will be dropped from low flying planes with lucrative items for those that loot them. Every so often the game area will shrink – leaving those outside to slowly bleed out – until it’s only a few feet in diameter.

If this has awakened your inner ‘Katniss Everdeen’, you can download the mod hereand follow this easy tutorial video on how to install it: