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Arma 3 launch trailer takes us to a glorious recreation of the Mediterranean where nobody smiles


Arma 3 has been arriving in bits via Steam Early Access for months, and a great deal more of it is yet to come. But today is the point in its long chronology that Bohemia have chosen to declare full release, packing the game into boxes and trumpeting its completion with a new launch trailer.

Arma 3 is authentic. You can tell because its army men make clunky noises when they run, and its combined 290 km² of Mediterranean island features lean, modern windmills. No art director unconstrained by reality has ever dreamed a contemporary windmill into their concept drawings:

The trailer ends like a UK TV news round-up, which seems appropriate, given that an ITV documentary last year accidentally supplanted a filmed IRA attempt to shoot down a British Army helicopter with footage of Arma 2.

“We’re incredibly proud of the release of Arma 3, as well as of the unique collaboration with the people who joined for the early-access development. We experienced some significant setbacks in the past years, but the fantastic public response to the Alpha and Beta kept us going,” said project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, in apparent reference to the lengthy detainment of two of his colleagues on the Greek island of Lemnos.

“Together we’ve made a game that truly meets its potential – while establishing a platform to build upon and grow even further. Our long-term commitment to Arma 3, in combination with the creative modding community and Steam Workshop, means this is just the kick off. We thank everyone for their splendid support and welcome you all to join our journey ahead.”

How many of you have already played Arma 3 in an earlier iteration? Did you like it?