Arma 3 Zeus is Arma with a dash of Dungeons & Dragons

Arma 3 Zeus

Arma 3 is getting some new DLC on top of the campaign chapters in the form of Zeus. It’s a free update that adds in a new form of multiplayer, giving players the powers of a Game Master, overseeing battles and editing content to create new stories, expanded mission content or especially tricky fights.

Basically, it’s Arma meets Dungeons & Dragons, and it sounds great. No wizards, though. 

“The best thing about Arma 3 Zeus is how naturally it fits within the game. Dynamic combat, massive islands, and editing features – it was all there. But now we’ve added an interface which gives players full control over the multiplayer experience”, said Zeus’ Design Lead Karel Moricky.

“The Zeus system is pretty modular too, so community creators can easily use it in their missions. Or take it apart and turn into something completely different. There are no rules, only those you make yourself.”

It’s due out in Q2 of this year, and you can get a more detailed look what to expect on February 15th, when the Arma development team showcase the DLC on Twitch, 17:00UTC.