Arma 3 dev video talks 2016 with fresh look at Tanoa archipelago

Arma 3 dev video blog

If you’re an Arma 3 fan, 2016 is a good year. For one, the Eden update is just around the corner, and if you peer another few blocks further, tilt your head and screw up your eyes a little, you can just about make out the next major expansion, Apex. Bohemia Interactive have today dropped a new developer video that covers all you should be getting excited for. 

But I need shooters now, you say. Okay, calm down, here’s our list ofbest first-person shooters to quench your (blood) thirst.

The new video, narrated by Arma 3 creative director Jay Crowe, looks back to his and Bohemia’s favourite war-torn moments of 2015, before looking ahead to what’s still to come. With regards to February’s Eden update, Crowe highlights the purpose-built 3D scenario editor which, following testing and feedback, is “almost ready” for official release.

“Another hotly anticipated feature already live on dev branch is our launcher-based server browser,” adds Crowe. “Alongside advanced filtering options, the detection and automatic download of dependent mods greatly simplifies joining multiplayer games.”

A range of audio improvements will befall Eden, however some pretty impressive visual tweaks are being kept by for the Apex DLC due this side of summer. The latter will also bring with it new vehicle classes by way of Light Strike vehicles and vertical takeoff aircraft, and of course Tanoa – the 100 square kilometer-stretching South Pacific archipelago that was first touted at last year’s E3, otherwise dubbed “your next battlefield” by Crowe. Here’s the man himself with the deets:

When it arrives next month, Arma 3’s Eden update will be free-of-charge for owners of the base game, while the Apex expansion – scheduled for “release in the second quarter of 2016” – will cost $34.99/£24.99.