Arma 3 mod brings an AT-AT to the field, but Battlefront is still your only hope to pilot one

Arma 3 AT-AT mod

There’s a bit of a grumble going around the internet at the moment in regards to DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront and its AT-AT walkers, which will apparently be on-rails. If not being able to direct your walking metal fortress in a specific direction annoys you, then perhaps this Arma 3 mod is for you. It slams a colossal AT-AT in your game, and it looks glorious. 

The video, created by user McRuppertle, shows the first in-game test of the AT-AT, and it’s impressive for a first attempt. Unfortunately, the project won’t be going forward.

“This Walker was never finished and was just a test. The walk animations are very poor, done with O2, but it does the job,” said McRuppertle in the video’s description. “I don’t think I will ever finish.”

DICE, you’re our only hope. If your AT-ATs are self-driven, then so be it, but make them awesome.

Thanks, VG247.