Arma Reforger cross-play between PC and Xbox is coming “soon”

Bohemia Interactive says Arma Reforger cross-play will allow players on PC and Xbox to play together, and that it'll be ready soon

Arma Reforger cross-play: A soldier carrying a rucksack and rifle sprints through a shadowy forest

Arma Reforger, Bohemia Interactive’s Early Access multiplayer game and Arma 4 testbed, will soon have PC-Xbox cross-play. The studio says the feature is currently in the final stages of testing, and while there’s no specific release date set for it yet, cross-play will be enabled “in the near future.”

“PC and Xbox players can battle it out together in the near future,” the latest Arma Reforger dev report reads. “We are currently doing final internal tests and planning to enable it on official and community servers. This should allow Xbox players to finally enjoy modded multiplayer matches.”

That’ll mean a bigger player pool to fill up servers, making for livelier games of Conflict (or any modded game mode you may prefer).

“We also hope that the PC scene will welcome Xbox players and the influx of players into one playing space,” the devs say, noting that mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox edition of the game still needs some additional development time.

Dev Report #8 also discusses the ongoing issues with Arma Reforger disconnection and multiplayer stability issues. The developers say they’ve been hard at work analysing and addressing the various issues that lead to disconnects, problems with connecting at all, and crashes – both on the client and server side.

A major source of client-side crashes, Bohemia says, has been conflicts between Arma Reforger mods. This makes replicating the crashes difficult, since there are already a lot of available mods and countless possible combinations of them. It’s beyond the capacity of any studio to test each one, and so Bohemia says it’s relying heavily on player feedback to track down and isolate the issues.

In the meantime, the studio says it’s working on ways to make the game a bit more forgiving when mod conflicts do arise, such as by disabling the individual mods or mod features that cause the problems.