Arma III single player campaign will conclude on March 20 with large-scale “tactical freedom”

Two new planes are headed to Arma 3 alongside the concluding Win campaign.

Gosh, that’s a relief. Bohemia have been naming their sequential single-player campaigns in such a fashion that when you line the spines up on your digital shelf they’ll constitute a three-word guide to Arma-ing. It’s a relief, then, to discover that what follows ‘Survive’ and ‘Adapt’ isn’t ‘Lie in the grass and wait for the tanks to roll over you’, but ‘Win’.

Win will be the concluding part of Arma III’s ‘The East Wind’ campaign. Out in just over a week, it’ll finish the story of infantryman Ben Kerry and pull together all of the game’s elements for large-scale tactical combat.

The name of the game in this final act – aside from its actual name, which we’ve already established – is escalation. NATO forces in the Mediterranean are nearing full-blown war with enemy acronyms AAF and CSAT – just as Kerry is given greater responsibility to bring the affair to a neat tactical conclusion, if possible.

“The final installment of our campaign gives players the chance to experience combat on a larger scale than we’ve seen so far,” said Arma III creative director Jay Crowe. “Tactical freedom – together with big, combined arms engagements – is at the heart of Episode 3.”

Elsewhere in the update on Thursday March 20, Bohemia will drop an aircraft showcase mission and three new vehicles: the “punchy” A-164 Wipeout single-seat aircraft for NATO; the CSAT plane for rough terrain, the To-199 Neophron; and a 6×6 mine-resistant, modular transport truck named Tempest that can carry cargo, medicine and ammo as well as it can men.

The island of Altis will grow upwards, too, thanks to a new athletics stadium and ‘ghost hotel’ compound.

As has become the norm, Win will be delivered to Steam Arma III owners as an automatic update. Have you been keeping up to date with the life and many deaths of infantryman Ben Kerry?