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Armasaurus: Arma 3 dinosaur mod in development

Arma 3 dinosaur mod

As I write this, my hands are covered in the blood of the countless goats I’ve just sacrificed. Why, you ask? The reason is two-fold. Everyone knows that you sacrifice either goats or virgins when you really want something, and Jurassic Park taught me that dinosaurs like goats a lot. And I really want dinosaurs in Arma 3. 

Super-serious military sim Arma 2 brought us DayZ, but zombies have been done to death. Arma 3 is bringing us bringing us dinosaurs, which could easily eat a zombie, thanks to a mod from McRuppertle. Point your soon to be terrified eyes in the direction of the T-Rex animation test below.

Nothing spices up a war across some Greek islands like a great big blood dinosaur stomping around and eating everyone. The footage is from the first multiplayer test with the T-Rex, but “dinosaur mod” suggests we’ll be seeing a lot more than just the king of the lizards in the future.

With Dean “Rocket” Hall, creator of the original DayZ Arma mod and it’s in-development standalone, leaving Bohemia Interactive and looking for something new to sink his survival-loving teeth into, someone should point him in the direction of this. DInosaur survival, Dean, it’s the future.