Armored Warfare Challenger 2 trailer puts the tank into tank


Armored Warfare, the World of Tanksish modern-day MMO from of all places Obsidian Entertainment, recently introduced its ninth Tier of vehicles, adding an extra level of endgame to the tank battles and armor duels. Within that tier is the Challenger 2, the game’s most unkillable vehicle, and its got its very own trailer complete with the beginnings of the game’s long-teased storyline.

Which are the best MMOs? Those ones, right there, in that link.

The chap that nicked them all from a British warehouse is one of the game’s distributors, from whom you buy and earn new vehicles. Previously they’ve just been nice avatars with different colours to highlight them but now Obsidian have started adding a story in. That’s going to be a major part of the game eventually as it passes through beta into release over the next couple of years.

I did manage to have a go on the Challenger 2 when I got to play with the new vehicles a few weeks back. It’s lovely and invulnerable, if boringly slow and unable to really put out the damage its size and gun calibre would imply. A pair of the tanks going at it will never penetrate one another’s front armour, making them rocks to be maneuvered around by their team mates rather than assault vehicles in their own right.