Armored Warfare introduces the XM8 light tank, playable in the beta


People are shelling each other in Armored Warfare’s beta right now, taking hilltop positions and firing from afar, or using quicker vehicles to try and flank those pesky heavies that are picking off their team. The XM8 is another playable tank for players who prefer the latter tactic. 

If you want to enter Armored Warfare’s beta, the details are here.

Boasting an experimental 105mm gun and a 580hp diesel engine – allowing it to reach speeds of up to 72kph – the XMB can not only outrun the big boys, but it can stand up to them in raw firepower. It also has no problems zipping across rough terrain or even snow.

Developed in the ’80s, the XM8 was originally intended to replace America’s Sheridan light tank, an honour it lost to the Stryker. However, America is considering reviving the project with updated armaments. See it in action below:

Have you played the beta? Is it better than World of Tanks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments please. Tanks.

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