Armored Warfare patch 0.13 has gone live alongside a new community event

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare’s 0.13 update is live, bringing new tanks, a new arms dealer and a new map to the online tank battler. 

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We covered the specifics of Armored Warfare’s patch 0.13 previously, but in summary it adds the third Arms Dealer, six new Chinese tanks, a deadly Premium tank and the new Coastal Threat map. It also reworks the PvE reward system and refines matchmaking.

There’s a dramatic new trailer to go along with the update’s launch. Have a gander:

To coincide with the launch of the new features, players on Europe and North American servers will be able to take part in a community event that takes place from now until March 6.

You have to sign up and choose between two factions. The team with the most collective reputation (which won’t be affected by Premium memberships) over the three rounds will win seven days of Premium. Even the losers will get three days for their efforts, though, so it seems worth signing up for. Additionally,the top 100 contributors from each team will gain 1500 gold for themselves.

“Side with the White Lancers, led by cunning, former Colonel Jacek Kowalski, or show your allegiance to the Hellhounds mercenaries, led by ruthless Colonel Hans Krieger,” says the blurb. “Players fight for the cause and help their favorite leader rise to swift military domination. Support the Polish led or the German led mercenaries, and fight for a share of the profit. After the registration your choice cannot be changed.” You can register for that here.

If you want to try out Armored Warfare you can download it for free here.