Armored Warfare players are getting a free tank in their Christmas stockings very soon

Armored Warfare is giving everyone a free tank

With Christmas just around the corner, and Obsidian are putting something special in the digital stockings of all Armored Warfare players. It is, of course, a tank, so you might need to invest in a slightly larger stocking this year. 

The teaser doesn’t come right out and say it, but it looks very much like players will be getting their hands on the T-59, the Chinese battletank based on the Russian T-54A.

I won’t pretend that I can rattle off the name of a tank just by looking at it, but the video’s accompanying music and the references to the “old generations of tank games” – which no doubt means World of Tanks – makes it pretty clear what the tank in question is. In Wargaming’s F2P game, the T-59 is one of the more sought after high tier vehicles, but was removed from the in-game store for the sake of balance.

There’s no due date yet, but the tank is expected very soon.