Armored Warfare update 0.11 adds new tanks and a new system for unlocking them

Armored Warfare 0.11

Armored Warfare, Obsidian’s game about tanks fighting each other, as these war machines are wont to do, now has even more tanks thanks to update 0.11. The in-development multiplayer romp now contains a new tier of dangerous vehicle: tier 9 tanks. 

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The update introduces the British Challenger 2, the adorably named (and quite spry) Crab and a bunch of other newcomers, but how do you get them?

Here’s Obsidian trying to explain it:

“Each Tier 8 vehicle will have a Tier 9 Token available as a part of its progression. By unlocking the Token, available for reputation just like other vehicle upgrades, the player will get to choose from all the Tier 9 vehicles from that respective Dealer. After spending Reputation to research a “Tier 9 Unlock” upgrade in the Tier 8 vehicle’s upgrade tree, players will be presented with an interface that allows them to select any available Tier 9 vehicle in the same Dealer.

“The Tier 9 unlock upgrade can only be researched once per Tier 8 vehicle. After unlocking the Tier 9 vehicle, it must still be purchased with credits as usual. The advantage of this system is that Tier 9 progression is not bound to particular branches or groups of branches, it will for example be possible to unlock an AFV by collecting reputation on a Tier 8 Main Battle Tank of the same Dealer.”

‘Tier’ is used so much in those two paragraphs that it looks like an alien world absent any meaning. Thanks, Obsidian.

Update 0.11 is out now.