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Free games: Win a free tank and 3 days of premium account for Armored Warfare!

Armored Warfare

To celebrate the incoming Black Sea Incursion update for free-to-play tank battler Armored Warfare we are giving away 3000 codes. If you manage to grab you yhou get a new tank and three days of premium account. Want one? Better keep on reading, then.

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If you’re partial to the fiery spoils of 21st century warfare and can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than firing shells out metal behemoths then, frankly, you should already be playing Armored Warfare.

It combines PvE with PvP for large-scale missions in which you, and your teammates, will be taking on a variety of challenges. Capturing special zones, ordering airstrikes, and resisting the enemy tanks are some of the most common as you fight for control of the battlefield.

There’s plenty of spectacle to take in, too, as roll your metal menace across the dozens of maps – fromscorching African deserts, through the mountains of China, to Russian tundra. Given the range of environments, you’ll want to get the right tank for the job, and with over a hundred on offer – including Abrams, Armata, Centauro, Challenger, and Leopard – you will find you are spoiled for choice.

Now then, as to what tank we’re giving away, it’s theZBD 86, which was released into the game last year with update 0.22. The ZBD 86 is one of thetop-tier Chinese main battle tanks – you can read more about it here. Not only do you get that with your code you also get three days of premium account in Armored Warfare.

All you have to do is complete one of the available actions in the widget below and you should receive your code. Once you get it you should follow the instructions on Armored Warfare website in order to redeem you code – we have summarised them below the widget if you prefer to read them that way. Now, get tanking away!

Armored Warfare giveaway

  • Visit the Armored Warfare website and login or create an account
  • Click on the ‘Profile’ button in the top-left corner
  • Enter your code in the ‘Redeem A Promo Code’ section
  • A message should confirm that your code has been redeemed