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Get an eyeful of tanks shooting each other in Obsidian's Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare trailer

Armored Warfare remains utterly baffling. It’s not that I don’t understand tanks. I mean, I’ve written official guides for World of Tanks. I’m down with that. The thing that I can’t quite wrap my head around is the fact that Obsidian, the RPG studio responsible for Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout New Vegas and South Park: The Stick of Truth is developing a game about tanks blowing up tanks. 

Anyway, here’s its E3 trailer. 

It’s a multiplayer tank game, seemingly trying to take a chunk out of World of Tanks and War Thunder - I think it will struggle there - and I just don’t get it. I’m still waiting for Obsidian to reveal the rich narrative or compelling characters. 

But no. Just tanks. And the tanks aren’t sentient or anything. They are just war machines blowing shit up.

I am absolutely prepared to be amazed though. If it’s a bloody good time filled with tactical shenanigans I’ll be as happy as… well as happy as a man in a tank. Not on a hot day, though. Tanks are the worst when it’s hot. 

What do you lovely lot make of the trailer? If it looks like your cup of tea, you can sign up for the beta right now.

Cheers, PCGamer.

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Mctittles avatarmeteorman70 avatar
meteorman70 Avatar
3 Years ago

I think if it focuses just on modern fighting vehicles and introduces a superior destructive environment model then it'll at least have a hook - without those I think to go up against WOT and WT is tough. Differentiation is key.

Mctittles Avatar
3 Years ago

These tanks vs tanks games are weird, mainly because tanks are nothing but easy targets without some infantry to back them up.