An Artifact player’s combo did 2,431 damage in a single hit

The combo spawned nearly 500 minions and stomped their opponent with thousands of damage

If you play your cards right in Artifact you can discover some impressive combos, but I suspect you’ve not managed to deal 2,431 damage in a single hit. That’s exactly what happened to Grapplr after going to-to-toe with an anonymous player online.

By combining Ogre Magi, Diabolic Revelation, Prey on the Weak, Emissary of the Quorum, and a whole lot of luck, the player managed to spawn nearly 500 minions dealing nearly 2,500 damage. It’s an impressive thing to watch. The way the combo works is a loop of damaging your own units, summoning in new minions for each damaged card, and then healing up all the minions on the board enough to run the loop again.

So, the player in Grapplr’s game used Diabolic Revelation to deal two damage to every one of their own units. They then played Prey on the Weak, which summons a Hound of War for each damaged unit. And, then, finally, they’d play Emissary of the Quorum which gave all their units +2 attack and +2 health, essentially undoing the damage done by Diabolic Revelation.

Now, because the player also had Ogre Magi in the lane, a hero with a passive ability called Multicast, they were able to repeat the combo multiple times. Multicast has a 25% chance of activating any time a blue spell is played, duplicating the spell card and putting it back into the player’s hand. This is where their luck came in, multicast triggered multiple times when they were playing their combo, letting them run the loop multiple times.

The combo loop allowed them to summon 488 minions into the lane, buff them all with extra damage, and then unleash it all on Grapplr’s tower.

At one point, Grapplr’s only hope of success was that his opponent’s game would crash, trying to deal with all the minions on the board.

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Happily, their computer kept working fine so you can see the attack in action. If you want to see the whole thing get built up you should watch the full game, it’s the first match in Grapplr’s stream.