Artifact livestream – we check out Valve’s new CCG

Valve have a brand new game out today, and it’s not Half-Life 3. But wait, don’t go! The game is Artifact, and it’s a new take on the card game formula. Designed by the mind behind Magic: The Gathering, and taking place across three different playing boards, Artifact melds what you love about Dota 2 with the strongest aspects of the best card games.

Still not sure if this new CCG is for you? Fear not, our wonderful streamers, Caroline and Griff, are here to show you what it’s all about. Check out the Twitch stream on this page, or at to see the game in action.

If you’re onboard, we’ve also got some handy guides to help you on your way to becoming an Artifact master. From our list of every Artifact card, to the best Artifact decks you can build cheaply, we’ve got all the tips you need to beat the competition. And, most importantly, how to play Artifact.

To make the most of those guides, be sure to watch Caroline and Griff, who are playing the game right now. They’ll show you how things like heroes, creeps, spells, and items work in the context of a card game.

If you’re ready to shuffle your own decks, check out our guide to Artifact’s release times, which will inform you of when Valve’s new game goes live in your region.

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