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Here are four new Artifact cards including Skywrath Mage

Valve has brought Artifact: The Dota Card Game to PAX West, and we’ve had a chance to go hands-on with the first new Valve game in quite some time. Now, we’re able to show you some exclusive card art for the very first time.

Behold, it’s Skywrath Mage. His card art was done by Greg Opalinski, and you can see both the full-size image and the card frame version in the gallery below. Skywrath Mage is a hero with three attack and six health. He has a Mystic Flare ability, which deals 12 damage, evenly divided among one unit and its allied neighbours.

We also have details on Concussive Shot, an active ability that gives a hero and its allied neighbors -2 armor for a round. Opalinski did the art for Concussive Shot as well.

Another exclusive piece of Artifact art we can show you is Bayard Wu’s piece for Clear the Deck. It features Tidehunter lunging forward, swinging his anchor-turned-cudgel on the deck of a pirate ship. The card itself gives allied heroes +4 cleave for the current round.

Finally, there’s Strafing Run, another Skywrath Mage ability card, with art by Daarken. This one does two damage to each enemy creep.

Check out the gallery below for the exclusive artwork.

You may notice that Valve has cleaned up the designs on all their cards, particularly Skywrath Mage’s hero card. It looks sharp, cleaner, and less clunky now.

Here’s what we know about Artifact so far, and here are the Artifact cards we’ve seen in past events and reveals. Artifact is due out November 28, and will cost $20 USD.