Artifact Steam page briefly lists December release

artifact steam december

Artifact is now on the Steam store! That is, it now has a Steam store page, showcasing some screenshots and making sure Valve’s backend has a place for the game. The community hub is also live, if you’re into that kind of thing. The details listed on the store page are pretty much what we already knew from the recent press event, but there is a new clue about when the Artifact release date.

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When the store page first went up, it listed a December 27 release date, before switching to December 28. Now it just says 2018, but you can check the digital trail through SteamDB’s records. There’s every possibility that this is just a placeholder date, but you’d typically expect a placeholder to list the last day of the month for release.

Naturally, this far out anything is subject to change, and Valve tend to be quite flexible and ready to keep shifting dates until something is truly ready. The store description still lists a “late 2018” release target, so it will certainly be later in the year before the game is ready.