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Game devs call for better working conditions with #AsAGamesWorker

Game Workers are calling for better working conditions with the #AsAGamesWorker hashtag on Twitter

"Telltale Batman"

Game developers are sharing their experiences and calling for better working conditions via a new hashtag – #AsAGamesWorker. First posted earlier this week, the initial tweet, which came from Warner Bros Montreal game designer Osama Dorias, has sparked responses from developers (and former developers) from multiple studios across a wide variety of genres, including DICE, Ubisoft, and the recently-closed Telltale Games.

You can read Dorias’ original tweet towards the bottom of the article, but they begin by saying that “#AsAGamesWorker, I want to work in an industry that puts the well being of game developers in the forefront.”

Tweets so far have focused on the nature of crunch development, but have also focused on the high-profile closure of Capcom’s Vancouver studio, as well as Telltale Games, which closed suddenly last month, costing over 200 of the studio’s 250 staff their jobs. The discussion also touched on the recent reports of a sexist culture at League of Legends developer Riot Games. There are also several tweets about the industry’s treatment and general appreciation of QA workers.

You can check out all of the tweets in the hashtag, including those from former Telltale dev Emily Grace Buck, Opaque Space’s Jennifer Scheurle, and Game Workers Unite, here.

This is, of course, just a hashtag, and the impact it has could take a long time to be felt (if indeed it ever is). That said, the impact from developers from several major studios is likely to lend some credence to the movement.