Ashes of the Singularity update adds five new maps and improves unit responsiveness

Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity just got a massive new patch, adding five fresh maps and improving the responsiveness of your units, among other things.

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Now when you’re giving orders and managing your planet-wide forces, units will respond more quickly and reach their destination more efficiently. Acceleration and banking speed has been adjusted so your orders are acted out more immediately, allowing you a higher degree of control.

This update also adds a bunch of AI tweaks to prevent units from clumping up and fighting over position instead of acting out your orders.

Another new addition is Map Ping, a feature that allows you to coordinate with teammates by placing a marker on the mini-map. These markers are visible only to teammates, so you can ping your position and work together to time a pincer attack, use it to regroup, or any other cooperative tactics you can think of.

There are also five new maps, which you can read about below:

  • Maurn – Charge across the central bridge toward the enemy base, or gun for the victory points around their flanks in this small, two-player map.
  • Monaco – Two bridges: a short route to the north, and a longer (but resource rich) route to the south. Choose your path wisely in this small two-player map.
  • Urich – A wide-open desert with long routes to the enemy base encourages massive clashes between opponents on this medium sized two-player map.
  • Pulaski – Small but rich pockets of resources dot the winding canyons on this medium sized four-player map.
  • Tortuga – The central valley holds victory points and most of the riches, but enemy bases stand in the way on the edges of this small, four-player map.

For all the bug fixes and everything else, here are the full Ashes of the Singularity patch notes.

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