Assassin’s Creed Chronicles ends with Russia and India chapters early next year


The Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy, a side-scrolling take on the Ass Creed formula, started in April 2015 with the China episode. It then disappeared for months, to the point where I assumed it had been finished and I just hadn’t noticed and deleted it from my memory. That is until today when I received a press release announcing that the second episode, India, would hit in January, and the third, Russia, was coming in February.

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India, which will release on January 12th, followsArbaaz Mir in the midst of tensions between the East India Company and the Sikh Empire in 1841. He has to steal back an artifact from the templars while protecting his friends, family and loved ones. It will be narratively tied to the previous Chronicle.

The same is true of Russia, which is set nearly 80 years later at the end of World War One, just as the Tsars are taken into captivity. Streotypically namedNikolaï Orelov is onone last job for the assassins before he can get the hell out of dodge with his folks. While stealing another artifact – I’m willing to guess the two are the same – he accidentally also rescures Princess Anastasia and must keep her safe as Soviet Russia is born around him. It’ll be out February 9th.

Both will be available through Steam, and once they’re all out a triple pack containing both and the China Chronicle will go on sale. There’s no word of pricing yet, but the first ep is currently £8 / $10 / €10 on Steam, so expect the individual parts to be the same, and then around £20 / $25 / €25 for the triple pack, possibly less.