Assassin’s Creed fan film gets stabby in Nazi-occupied France

Ass Creed Movie

Assassin’s Creed is heading to WW2 in a fan film with below average SFX and above average moustaches. If you’ve ever wondered how the Assassin’s Creed would cope against the Nazis, watch this fan film – or, alternatively, play The Saboteur. 

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In the short movie, we see a mustachioed Assassin who’s not afraid to go loud with a rifle. After a little light free-running, as an Assassin’s Creed movie demands, it’s mostly focused on the art of murder.

There’s some pretty dodgy bits, but there’s also a lovely bit of choreography where he’s taking down folk in the woods, so it balances out.

It always felt like Assassin’s Creed was parkouring its way to present day, but the latest game actually takes us further back, right back to when it all started. It might bea while before we see gunplay like this in Assassin’s Creed.