Assassin’s Creed Collection is coming, as sure as Ubisoft register domain names

Assassins Creed Black Flag

What (or indeed when) on Earth do you put in an Assassin’s Creed Collection? Even Ubisoft apologists like myself have to admit that the series isn’t composed of lots of unique snowflakes, but rather the same snowflake iterated on until its crystalline structure is one day perfected. Nevertheless, if a new domain name is anything to go by, a collection is what Ubisoft are putting together.

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The eagle-visioned denizens of Neogaf have spotted the new, though the site doesn’t go anywhere as yet.

Assassin's Creed

Whether this is something that Ubi are actively working on, or simply reserving for a possible future, well: the office Speculatron 3000’s on the blink and has no answers.

In the eight years since the since the series began, there have been nine Assassin’s Creed entries on PC. What three would you stick on a collection of classics? Think I’d go for ACII, Brotherhood and Black Flag.