Assassin’s Creed giveaway: wrap up warm with this pair of death-proof jumpers


Readers, it’s cold outside. You need clothes. Why are you naked? Look, nevermind all that, if you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan, we’ve got the perfect solution. This pair of Christmas- and Syndicate-themed jumpers are what you need for the holiday period and beyond. You can get them for the low, low price of absolutely nothing in our latest giveaway.

Did you know jumpers have trailers? They do.

It’s made by the folks over at Numskull, who have a wide range of gaming and general nerdery apparel, including Street Fighter, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Turns out, jumpers also screenshot much better. Here’s a model making it look far nicer than we would:

Want one? Just check out that box below for your chance to win. If you’re lucky enough, we’ll contact you to get an address and send it over. Like getting free stuff? We’ll keep you in the know via Facebook, if you chuck us a like.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate jumper