Assetto Corsa adds Porsche to its roster of manufacturers

Assetto Corsa adds Porsche to its roster of manufacturers

Kunos has successfully nabbed the Porsche license for its racing sim, Assetto Corsa, meaning that players will be able to enjoy the purring of a whole new set of cars this autumn, when the DLC launches. 

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“I can’t describe how proud we are about this partnership with Porsche, and how exciting it is to bring back the Brand in the simracing world,” Kunos Simulazioni’s Marco Massarutto said in the announcement. “This autumn, Assetto Corsa will be the only multi-platform title to have the Porsche brand in a genuine racing simulation.

“The gamers, and our fans really want to have the chance to DRIVE the Porsche cars in a realistic manner. It’s a privilege, and a big responsibility for us. We are working closely with Porsche with the aim to reproduce each single model with the maximum accuracy, and the fact that the same simulation will be used at Porsche race centres will push our team even more to provide the best Porsche virtual experience ever.”

Will you be plonking your bum down on the seat of a Porsche later this year?

Cheers, Eurogamer.