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New No Man’s Sky rival with amazing Steam reviews is free to try now

New space survival crafting and base building game Astrometica has a prologue available as a free Steam game, and it’s proving very popular.

Astrometica prologue is a free Steam game that's Subnautica in space - A person in a space suit stands before a giant base.

Take the underwater survival crafting and base building elements of Subnautica but transpose them to the vast reaches of outer space, and you have new survival game Astrometica. A promising new space game set to rival the likes of No Man’s Sky, this might be just what you’re looking for if the outposts of Starfield weren’t quite what you wanted. Available now, a prologue version available as a free Steam game is already attracting plenty of attention, racking up an overwhelmingly positive user rating after just a couple of weeks.

Astrometica combines all the essential elements you want from the best survival games, with that core of exploration, resource gathering, and crafting. Starting out simple, you’ll build all manner of tools including drills that can dig into asteroid cores and lasers capable of cutting through the toughest materials the universe throws at you. Much like Subnautica, you’ll upgrade your own kit with shield modules, oxygen tanks, a jetpack, and other features to help you explore further and delve into ever more hazardous locales.

More than just shelters for survival, the base building in Astrometica allows you to build out “your operations center against the backdrop of space’s infinite challenges.” You harness solar energy to power everything from living quarters and life support to advanced research labs and vehicle stations, from which you can build a range of ships to better support your exploration among the stars. Along with your natural curiosity, occasional signals will draw you in the direction of key points of interest – resource-laden rocks, abandoned outposts, or even some mysteries to discover.

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Astrometica: Prologue is out now as a free game on Steam. This standalone preview is designed as a taste of the full game, and lets you get to grips with the exploration, gathering, and base-building elements. With an estimated playtime of five hours, you also get access to two ships: the nimble space bike, perfect for exploration, and an advanced vessel that acts as more of a mobile base, making it ideal for longer voyages into the unknown.

It’s already proving very popular, racking up Steam’s elusive ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating with a 95% user score to date. Many note the similarities to Subnautica; one writes, “This has real promise: the basic mechanics are down, there is a well-designed gameplay loop, and the sparse hints at story have an interesting premise. I get the same feeling as when I played Subnautica in early alpha.” If you’re curious to try it out for yourself, you can do so right now on Steam. The full game is set to launch in the third quarter of 2024.

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