Asus unveils ridiculously fast 540Hz gaming monitor

Asus just revealed the 'world's first' 540Hz gaming monitor, and it also aims to bring ultra low latency audio to the competitive FPS game table

Asus ROG ROG SWIFT PRO PG248QP with themed backdrop

Brace your eyeballs, as Asus just announced the ‘world’s first’ 540Hz gaming monitor. The trailblazing display pairs its speedy refresh rate with low latency to give FPS game enthusiasts an edge, but it also has impressive audio tricks up its sleeve.

Asus already holds a spot on our best gaming monitor list, as its ROG Swift PG259QNR display offers a 1080p 360Hz experience. If you’re unfamiliar with esports specs, the idea of a lower-resolution screen may spark confusion, but trading away pixels helps provide panels with silky, high-refresh abilities that aren’t currently achievable at 1440p or 4K.

Announced during Asus’ CES 2023 Launch Event, the ROG Swift Pro PG248QP brings 540Hz gaming to the table using a TN panel, rather than an IPS display. In theory, the shiny new screen should look better than its predecessor, thanks to its increased colour gamut, but you might be too busy swooning over its speedy superpowers to notice the difference.

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Of course, it’s wise to use your eyes and ears when playing the best FPS games competitively, and the ROG Swift Pro covers all bases. The monitor uses an integrated ESS DAC converter to provide surround sound with almost zero latency, turning all your senses into a deadly esports weapon.

If you’re not that into competitive play, or your graphics card can’t boost fps to suit 540Hz, you might want to check out Asus’ alternative – the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQD. The screen can’t trade blows with its counterpart in terms of refresh rate, as it scales back to 240Hz to maintain a native 1440p resolution, but its OLED abilities and anti-glare coating are just as desirable.

We’re still waiting for an official release date for both monitors, but Asus says the ROG duo should arrive before the end of Q2 2023. Looking for a GPU that can feed this 540Hz monster the frames it needs? Check out our Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti review to see whether it’s up to the task. If you want to benchmark your PC, with a counter, check the PCGameBenchmark FPS Monitor.