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Atlas Reactor releases October 4 and there’s an open beta for you to try right now


Atlas Reactor is a turn-based strategy game where the in-game characters act out their turns simultaneously. The developers are clearly riffing off that theme – things happening at the same time – as they just announced the release date and launched the beta. 

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Atlas Reactor will launch on October 4and can be pre-purchased direct from developers Trion or viaSteam, for £15.49 but, once it’s launched, Atlas Reactor will cost £22.99.

Additionally, ‘founders’ who pre-purchase the game can start playing early, on September 30, so there’s plenty of incentive to put your money down early, if you’re into that sort of thing

If you want to take advantage of that launch discount but don’t want to swing in the dark, no problem – the Atlas Reactor open beta runs from today until September 25, giving you a chance to try out its distinct brand of strategic action.

To celebrate all this good news, there’s a new trailer for you to watch, embedded below: