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Like the best things in life, Atlas Reactor’s alpha is now free for all to enjoy

Atlas Reactor gameplay

Trion Worlds’ latest effort, Atlas Reactor, is an odd combination of team-based hero brawler, XCOM and Saturday morning cartoon. It’s been brewing for a little while now and is entering closed (read: pay to enter) beta on April 14. However, if you want to play it for yourself right this moment you can in the open alpha just by signing up on the website. There doesn’t seem to be an end date for it, so it’s possible it’s running all the way until the 14th.

Some direct inspiration from some of the best games of 2016 in this.

As way of introduction, here’s executive producer Peter Ju talking about it:

Arriving alongside the open alpha is a new character, Oz. He’s that little chap you see above, and the reason there’s three of him is he’s all about making holo-illusions of himself that mirror his abilities. As you can probably imagine, this means he does some extreme damage if you don’t position yourself properly against him.

To get in on the game, all you’ve gotta do is sign-up on the website and you’ll get access until the free period ends. For access to the beta, you’ll need to pick up a Founder’s Pack, which range from $9.99 up to $99.99. They come with everything you’d expect, from bonuses for Trion’s other games, to characters in this, cosmetic upgrades and all the rest.

If you’d like to know more, we’ve got an Atlas Reactor preview from one of the early Alpha builds just for you. Details may have changed, but it’s still the same combo of magic powers, comedy heroes and XCOM it was back then.