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Atomic Heart’s first five hours leaked, so mute your socials

Following a rather significant Atomic Heart leak, Mundfish has encouraged the dystopian FPS game's potential players to block key terms on Twitter.

Atomic Heart's first five hours leaked, so mute your socials: A robotic woman with a silver face and golden braided hair wearing a tanned shirt looks into camera with a red star on her forehead

After a series of Atomic Heart leaks showed off the first five hours of the FPS game‘s story, developer Mundfish has encouraged players to mute key terms on social media to avoid any game-ruining spoilers.

YouTuber Gary ‘GaryTheLians’ Durań streamed the neo-dystopian story game throughout February, reeling in what they claim to be their peak viewership.

Subsequently, they allegedly received a direct message from Atomic Heart devs, Mundfish, who “asked if I could delist the last two streams until the game dropped.” They go on to state that the developers “were kind enough to not shut down my stream or strike my channel,” and claims that “they watched and were happy to see all of the positive feedback.”

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On February 18, Focus Entertainment (the game’s publisher) issued a tweet from Mundfish encouraging players to mute game-specific words that could lead to spoilers. It’s unclear whether or not GaryTheLians’ streams prompted this (the YouTuber revealed the DM on February 19, a day after Focus’ tweet went out), but either way, if you’re looking to avoid spoilers it’s worth considering hitting that mute button.

“Atomic Heart’s release is getting so close, and we hope you’re as excited as we are,” Mundfish writes. “We advise anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled to mute words such as ‘P3,’ ‘Petrov,’ ‘Sechenov,’ ‘Larisa,’ ‘Granny Zina,’ and/or ‘Kolectiv.'”

An Atomic Heart infographic discussing muting social media posts

Having played the game ahead of time, it’s absolutely worth giving these a solid mute if you’re looking to get a spoiler-free experience – and trust me when I say you want to play this game without knowing what’s going on.

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Developer Mundfish has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks after it was alleged that the Russian government stands to gain financially from the release of Atomic Heart. This is due to the fact that investors involved in the financing of Mundfish include GEM Capital, an investment fund whose founder has ties to Gazprom and VTB Bank, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian state. 

Mundfish is also partnering with VK (formerly Mail.RU) for the Russian release of Atomic Heart, evading sanctions on Steam – VK is also majority-owned by the Russian state through Gazprombank, and Mundfish’s CEO is a former Creative Director at Mail.RU.

With Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, many players are now choosing to boycott the game in protest and donate money to organisations like The Ukraine Crisis Appeal, International Rescue Committee, and the British Red Cross.