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Auto Club Revolution is going back to the garage, will emerge as a shiny new 2.0 version this June

ACR 2.0 maserati

Auto Club Revolution has been burning up the track for two years, but developer Eutechnyx thinks it’s about time it had a full service. An oil and filter change, new spark plugs, new body panels, and a slick paint job is only just the start of it; Auto Club Revolution is undergoing a whole new refit, being upgraded to this season’s latest model: ACR 2.0. 

ACR 2.0 interior

The facelifted version of ACR will launch in closed beta on June 16th, with existing players of the free-to-play racing MMO getting access to the new version to help provide feedback. Newer players will be admitted in stages further along the line. 

“We’ve spent two years laying the foundation of an authentic community-driven game for fans of automotive culture. We have hundreds of thousands of players worldwide that motivate us to push the ACR experience even further, and now we are bringing the best ideas to fruition.” says Dave Thompson, Development Director of ACR.

The upgrade brings new car manufacturers to the fold, including performance legends RUF and Maserati. New audio samples have been recorded to replace the current sound effect and help create a more immersive experience. Car interiors are being added to enhance the level of detail, which should hopefully keep the petrol head community drooling. 

Oculus Rift is also receiving support with ACR 2.0, so should you be lucky enough to own a headset you’ll be able to race in full virtual reality with ACR. The technology is currently ‘deep in development’ and so won’t be available at launch of the closed beta, but can be expected later on. 

If you’re a current player, expect an upgrade to 2.0 on June 16th. For those looking to get involved for the first time, you can register for ACR 2.0 from June 16th, or sign up for the current version at the Auto Club Revolution website.

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homerlvsbeer avatarDanteska avatar
homerlvsbeer Avatar
3 Years ago

I think this game is one of the best racing games on PC. better than asseto corsa, i even thinkk its better than raceroom racing experience, which isnt a bad game at all really. but i love a racing game that looks good from the chasing view, i like inside too, but i love a racing game that has a good chasing view and lets you look around the car, as your racing. i hate gran turismo for never allowing that, but yet most racing games like forza and grid and dirt. you can enjoy the outside view and see the sides of your car, plus see splash effects on the screen something else i like to see. and you will see this in ACR. auto club racing really is cool. but in need of more tracks. but its always been free to play. so you cant complain. and its a great racer. as good as project gothem even. or burnout. i have to admit i havnt seen anything as good as burnout paradise. until i saw THE NEXT CAR GAME. that looks great. but its not like ACR. to heart ACR is getting a upgrade. is fantastic news. i really look forward to it. awesome game. also looking forward to drive club. and the crew. If you want to play a great racing game right now. Get AUTO CLUB REVOLUTION. you really wont regret it.

Danteska Avatar
3 Years ago

The game would be good, if not for its way too heavy handling; it's a simcade that punishes players even more than Gran Turismo does, instead of letting them enjoy the car. You spend most of the time braking and handling, and those are the least enjoyable parts in ACR, they really need to change the way the physics work.

Also, it was kind of a pay-to-win before and even though it's way better now, as players now have access to cars that were VIP or buyable with real money currency only.

Bad thing is, it's been a P2W for so long, that lobbies kept being empty even when they changed that towards a true f2p system. I just entered the reace hangout and there's barely 7 players racing and 33 in lobby, so that "hundreds of thousands of players" statement is bs.

Nevertheless, they do mention that "vehicle physics have been overhauled to not only enhance realism but also competitive fun" (though that line is not present in this pcgamesn article), so lots of people will come back to the game to try all the new stuff and see if it's worth staying around this time.