Hawkeye is coming to the Avengers game post-launch, for free

Hawkeye confirmed for Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is assembling soon, and ahead of launch, a series of developer streams are breaking down what to expect from the game. The latest War Table offered up a load of details on what to expect ahead of the Avengers beta, plus one more detail fans have been looking forward to – Hawkeye will be a playable character.

Hawkeye will join the game post-launch, and will come with a new set of story missions that can be played solo or in co-op. As with all non-cosmetic post-launch content, Hawkeye will join the roster for free. The devs are calling the post-launch wave the Avengers Initiative – following the Reassemble campaign that forms the base story – and that will encompass all the major endgame updates.

The devs say that Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon from Matt Fraction and David Aja served as a major inspiration for their take on the character, but the stream did not offer much detail on how the hero will actually play. I think we can safely bet he’ll be a ranged fighter with a whole lot of arrows to shoot, though.

Check out the Hawkeye trailer below.

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Or the full War Table stream for more details.

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The Avengers game release date is set for September 4, and we’re finally getting a clear idea of what to expect from it. Here’s hoping it’s an adventure worthy of the heroes who star in it.